Pedigree of:
Alomi's Woglinde
Redtabby CPC Exotic female
Sire: Alomi's Gus - Redtabby CPC Exotic
Dam: Alomi's Swirly - Tortiepoint Himalayan
Trpl GC St Jude Sauterne of Alomi
Flame Lynx Point Himalayan
Sandypaws Leonardo Da Vinci
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
Ch. Sandypaws Solar Express
GC Grovewood Daughters
GC St Jude Sade
Flame Point Himalayan
Ch. St Jude Lapo
St Jude Linette
Ch. Alomi's Klaskepot
Tortie CPC Exotic
Alomi's Wild Zappa
Brown Tabby Persian CPC
Boberan Wild Shot of Alomi
Purrbox Zignature of Alomi
Alomi's Diamonds & Pearls
Tortie CPC Exotic
GC Mandrake's Red Leader of Alomi
Compri Sweet Georgia Brown of Alomi
Compri Nelson of Alomi
Blue Persian CPC
Boberan Sir Lancelot of Alomi
Cream Persian
GC NW DM Boberan Wild Ride
GP Boberan Lady Red Light
GC Compri Just Smile
Bluecream Point Himalayan
Gc Laureden Gravity of Compri
Compri Lady Gaga
Alomi's Cinnamon Swirl
Flame Point Himalayan
GC Tallin's Bandit of Alomi
Cream Point Himalayan
Ch. Tallin's Puff Daddy
Jetset God Bless America of Tallin
Alomi's Oh! L'Amour
Tortie Point Himalayan
Inthewind Y' Got Male of Alomi
Int.Ch. Keystone She's So Bad of Alomi

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