Pedigree of:
Alomi's Diamonds & Pearls
Tortie CPC - DNA tested CPC and PKD negative
Sire: CFA GRC + FIFe Ch.Mandrake's Red Leader of Alomi - Red Exotic
Dam: Compri Sweet Georgia Brown of Alomi - Brown Tabby CPC Exotic
Ch. Maradan Tyranosaurius FIFe JW
Brown Tabby Exotic
Ydem Serial Lover of Maradan
Blue Tabby & White Exotic
Ydem Little Boudha of Kis'Herbas
Yquem Liu
Maradan E A-Mari Pili
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
Ch. Maradan Grinch WW'04 - SW'07
Blueskyeyes Gabriella of Maradan
Star Wars Kamino
Tortie Exotic
Joleigh Outrider of Mandrake
Red Persian
Ch. Couronne Boy Wonder of Joleigh
GC Shan-Anne LA. Hot Tamale
Star Wars Lumiya
Black Exotic
Ch. Star Wars X-Wing
Ormeryds Gee-Gee
Bryn Mawr Baby Boy of Madame Nu
Brown Tabby Exotic
GC NW Bryn Mawr Mugsy Malone DM
Black Exotic
GC NW South Paw Gadzooks
GC RW Bryn Mawr Murphy Brown of Benzac
Yellicle Baby Belle of Bryn Mawr
Brown Tabby Exotic
Ch. Yellicle More Than A Feeling
Zoticats Flossy Belle
Compri Stardust
Blue Lynx Point Exotic
GC Kiikatz McTabbeline of Compri
Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
GC Kiikatz McTabbish of Katstuff
Dianita De Banderas of Kittkatz
Compri Moonlight Becomes You
Blue Lynx Point Exotic
Alina Burberrys of Celebrities
Cat Exchange Dodo of Compri

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